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Discover the difference that a supportive, Christ-centered education can make in your child’s life. We are located in San Clemente, CA.

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We are here to provide a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, the Christian faith, and character formation for children in Grades TK-8.

This school is a place where academic excellence and character development converge to create an exceptional educational experience for your child.

Deacon Phil Johnson

Principal & 6-8th Grade Teacher

Character Building

St. Michael’s Christian Academy (SMCA) is devoted to our students receiving the best instruction so that each child may excel in his/her studies.  We focus on all core subjects including math, science, reading, language, and history.  SMCA also offers art, music, and physical education.

Personalized Instruction

Class sizes are intentionally kept small to provide each student with more interaction with his/her teacher.  Small class sizes also allow for students to develop close relationships with their peers.

Committed Faculty

All SMCA teachers are credentialed and have several years experience in the classroom.  Each one works hard to keep lines of communication open with parents to provide feedback in a timely manner.  They are “in your corner” to make sure your child succeeds in all facets of school life.


Grades And Programs



Our Kindergarten and First-Grade programs lay strong academic, social, and developmental foundations so that our students can succeed in later elementary and middle-school grades. Essential academic skills, such as phonics and literacy, are introduced in a fun and nurturing environment.



One of our chief goals at SMCA is to foster a love of learning. In Grades Two and Three, we continue building upon the foundations of Kindergarten and First Grade. Students focus on more finite and extended skills to further their academic growth, as well as develop critical thinking and communication skills.



Our curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge students in Grades Four and Five. Students are encouraged to fine tune their upper elementary skills in literacy (reading and writing), mathematics, and the sciences. Students also begin using Chromebooks as an added tool in many subject areas.



In Grades Sixth through Eighth, we transition from the elementary setting and begin to prepare students for high school.  Our curriculum is designed to challenge and improve students’ reading and writing skills, as well as get them ready for high school math.  Furthermore, students learn history and science from a logical and common-sense perspective.  The ability to reason well and to demonstrate that ability through various essays, projects, and assessments is one of the key goals of grades six through eight.

What Parents Say

My daughter loves going to school at St. Michael’s. She has grown tremendously and is learning so much, both academically and socially. I love that everyday she is welcomed and is not just a “number.”

- Ramona Altenwerth

My grandson is in kindergarten at St. Michael’s. His teacher is excellent and caring. The class size is small so each child gets the help and attention he or she needs to succeed. Also kindergarten is a full day program. St. Michael’s is the best school for his academic success.

- Peter Rountz


Curriculum and Learning


K-4th Grade

Kindergarten through fourth-grade students use the Bob Jones University (Precepts) curriculum in Mathematics, Reading/Phonics, Language Arts, Science, and California History (4th grade), Bible, Art, Music, and Physical Education.


5th and 6th Grade

Fifth- and Sixth-grade students use Bob Jones University (Precepts) in Mathematics, Reading, English, Spelling, Science and Health, History, Bible, Art, Physical Education, and Computers.


Additional Learning Experiences

Other learning experiences may include the following:  Field Trips; Spring Science Fair; Daily Chapel; Christmas Concert; Field Day in the Park; and 7th/8th grade Washington DC Winter Trip.


7th and 8th Grade

Seventh and Eighth grade students use the Bob Jones University (Precepts) curriculum in Mathematics, Literature, English Grammar and Composition, Spelling and Vocabulary, Science, History, Bible, Art, and Physical Education.

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