Mission & Vision, Core Values


To provide a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, the Christian faith, and character formation for children in grades kindergarten through eighth


To see our students succeed in their high school careers and adult lives and to continue in the Faith, encouraged and reinforced in their studies at St. Michael’s Christian Academy (SMCA).  We also wish to see these same students impact the world by living out the Gospel in their daily work and family lives.

Core Values

Knowledge—Our curriculum is designed to equip our students to excel academically in high school and beyond.  Knowledge and reason are keys to success in this world, and SMCA provides its students with excellence in the elements of education.  Knowledge also requires faith to reach its greatest potential and to create positive temporal and eternal outcomes.  Our entire curriculum is Christ-centered and promotes learning through the eyes of faith.

Faith—St. Michael’s Christian Academy is a ministry of St. Michael’s Church. It is our belief that parents are responsible for the education of their children, especially in terms of the Christian faith.  To provide an environment that upholds and reinforces the Gospel in the lives of our students is crucial to our purpose.

Character—Character traits such as patience, good judgment, courage, and honesty are necessary for a successful life and a healthy society.  SMCA encourages such traits and the building of character in the classroom setting and through physical education, service, and other activities.  Character building and moral formation are important components of the SMCA curriculum and culture.


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