Using a Christ-centered, traditional approach that meets or exceeds California State Standards, we prepare our students by combining a strong foundation of traditional Biblical values with a wide range of educational experiences.

Kindergarten through fourth-grade students use Bob Jones University (Precepts), and Silver Burdett curricula in Mathematics, Reading/Phonics, Language Arts, Science, and California History (4th grade), Bible, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Fifth- and Sixth-grade students use Bob Jones University (Precepts) in Mathematics, Reading, English, Spelling, Science and Health, History, Bible, Art, Physical Education, and Computers.

Seventh- and Eighth-grade students use Prentice Hall; Harcourt, Brace, and World; and Bob Jones University (Precepts) curricula in Mathematics, Literature, English Grammar and Composition, Spelling and Vocabulary, Science, History, Bible, Art, Physical Education, and Computers.

Other learning experiences include the following:  Field Trips; Spring Science Fair; Daily Chapel; Christmas Concert; Field Day in the Park; City of San Clemente Sports Program; and 7th/8th grade Washington DC Winter Trip.

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