About Us

Character Building
SMCA promotes moral and ethical standards based on absolutes.  Character-based curriculum reinforces traits such as honesty, courtesy, self-discipline, and responsibility.  Surrounding your child with classmates and families that are like-minded helps develop good character as well.
Smaller Class Size & Student Success
The average class size at SMCA is  15 students.  In a small, nurturing environment, students are able to receive more individual attention and can better achieve their academic goals.  On standardized tests, SMCA students score an average of 1-2 grade levels above the norm in reading and math.  Using tried and true traditional methods of teaching, SMCA fosters their students’ love for learning.
Parents select a school and keep their children there year after year based on results.  At SMCA, lines of communication between parents, teachers, and administration are always open.  SMCA is directed  by a school board of parents and leaders in the community.  In addition, we welcome parent involvement.  When you enroll at SMCA, you join the school family, too!